DR. Som Sujeera 

The writer & Dentist


    My  impressive book is “The Truth of Nature”  The Master Buddhadasa Explains the Buddha’s Teachings

   “Buddhadasa” is one of the greatest monk in Thailand . He had many simple methods but interesting and clear on teaching Dhamma.

     Dhamma is very profound truth and cannot understand easily . I was very confused. Buddhadasa had solved my problem with  many creative ways to interpret and impart the Dhamma. Always stressing that in scientific , straightforward and applicable for everyone , to make Dhamma more accessible to all.

     I have read many Dhamma books and the one that change my life is Buddhadasa’s work  which is my inspiration and is the origin of my two pocket books “Because of Karma or probability” and  “6 Receptors  (Tavarn 6 in Thai)   

     The Master Buddhadasa  Bhikkhu  created a richly prolific body of work and teaching that span hundreds of lectures and writing . Throughout his life, Buddhadasa made compositional writing a never-ending task. Before leaving this world, he was determined to produce as extensive a set of reference material for study of Dhamma as he could.

     Buddhadasa taught mostly in the Thai language. However ,fortunately for those looking to avail themselves of a deeper understanding of Buddha’s discovery . There is English version pocketbook which select teachings that are of universal importance and appeal to reader across the world …. “The Truth of Nature”


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